Bedonday Bello Taps & Mixers

“The Tap & mixer with the Best Warranty in South Africa”

Bello Bath and Shower Mixer

Bello Bath & Shower Mixer
(Wall Type)

Model nr: BB 100

R 2 249.99 excl VAT

Bello Single Hole Basin Mixer

Bello Single Hole Basin Mixer

Model nr: BE 100

R 1 999.99 excl VAT

Bello Sink Mixer

Bello Sink Mixer
(Wall Type)

Model nr: BD 100

R 1 750.00 excl VAT

Bello Bib Tap

Bello Bib Tap

Model nr: BY 100

R 360.00 excl VAT

The 8 Wonders of Bedonday Bello Taps and Mixers

  1. Assembled in South Africa (High Quality Product Control)
  2. ¼ Turn Design. There is no thread that can be damaged over time. This means Bedonday Bello Taps will last longer than normal taps.
  3. All Bedonday Bello Taps and Mixers are easy to install. All of its parts are easily excisable and easy to replace. Bedonday Bello Taps are very, very easy to use.
  4. Its ¼ Turn handle on the warm and cold taps makes it more practical than a single lever ¼ Turn.
  5. Its patented design counts as 3 Taps in One.
    1. It can be marketed as a Luxury Tap: Can be sold to Hotels and Lodges.
    2. Very Easy turn function makes it ideal for Hospitals and Old Age Homes across the country.
    3. It can also be marketed as "Green" or "Eco Friendly" Taps and Mixers because ¼ Turn taps leak less than conventional taps and also open and close quicker.
      Water is our most precious resource. We need to save every drop.
  6. The Future of the tap industry today.
  7. The Best ¼ Turn product on the market.
  8. It is a very, very luxury product (beware of cheap imitations).
    Once you buy Bedonday Bello Taps and Mixers that's when you know you have made it.


5 years on the body

1 year on the headpart

30 Day Money Back Guarantee if not satisfied with product

All Taps & Mixers can be sold nation wide

Terms & Conditions Apply